Are you looking for a good quality design at a really affordable price? That's not easy to find.
How about the highest quality design for next to nothing? Now, that's impossible to find. You always get what you pay for.

Well, not always... You can get it right here on this site!

There's a small catch here though. We don't accept any revision requests for $19 logo designs. The first design is also the final design. This is neither related to laziness (on the contrary, we are really hard workers) nor low price - it's related to our logo design philosophy (which you can learn more about at Our Story page):

FACT 1: In the majority of cases the initial logo idea is usually the best.
FACT 2: The more revisions you make, the less professional the result is.

We provide an ideal logo design service for:

• Companies and individuals that are not satisfied with their current logo but don't have any ideas about improving or redoing it.
• Companies and individuals that are fine with their current logo but would like to see other options.
• Companies and individuals that operate large networks of sites and have no time to spend on guidelines and revisions of site logos.

The last, but not the least:

• This site is operated by a registered company, which acts accordingly: all our logo designs are made using legally licensed software, fonts, design elements and other design tools.

• We deliver logos in several file formats, along with associated files including vectors and high resolution bitmaps, at no additional cost. Many logo design studios charge additionaly for vector files and some don't use vector-based software at all.

• Turnaround time is up to 7 working days (Mon-Fri except holidays). Our failure to meet this deadline will result in a full refund and delivery of designs at no cost.

We hope that you will enjoy your new logo as much as we enjoyed making them!